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PARKER'S SAFES AND VAULTS is a family-run, home-based retail business in middle Tennessee operating under Godly principles. My two sons, Nathan and Morgan have been helping out since they were just little guys. Now, they're all grown up and have turned into fine young men. I count on them heavily. My loving wife helps with things like payroll and scheduling and constantly comes up with brilliant ideas relating to customer service and keeps us boys in check as best she can.

We carry ISM, GRAFFUNDER, AMERICAN SECURITY, RHINO, HAYMAN, and GARDALL brand safes. We also handle custom made safes, TORNADO SHELTERS, VAULT DOORS and VAULT ROOMS. We could carry a bunch of other brands besides the ones above, and have been approached by some other companies, but my safe line is based on quality, customer service, U.S.A. manufacturing and warranty. I wouldn't sell you a brand that I don't have faith in or wouldn't own myself.

We also keep our prices fair. I don't run a lot of sale price specials. You won't have to wonder if you could have saved a few dollars by waiting for a big sale. The prices are already low. I'm not trying to retire after one big sale- I just want to sell a lot of safes! We may not have the cheapest safes or the lowest prices, (you can head to the big box stores for those) but what we do offer is a very competitive price, great customer service, and the value of a quality safe. When you buy a safe from us and then, because you were happy, tell your friend and he buys a safe, you've stumbled onto our business model. The majority of our business is through referrals and positive customer reviews.

PARKER'S SAFES AND VAULTS carries around 60 gun safes and vault doors in sizes from single pistol safes up to safes with a 100+ long gun capacity. WE DELIVER, INSTALL AND SERVICE! That means we'll bring the safe to you, put it where you want it, get it level, bolt it down,(if you want), explain how to operate and maintain your new safe and lock, explain the warranty paperwork AND help you if you have an issue in the future. 

Why us?

At Parker's, you'll find a friendly, reliable, family business operating under the Golden Rule. We do our best to provide outstanding products and services. We love what we do and look forward to making friends along the way.


If you'd like to see and talk about some quality safes in person, give me a call and arrange a visit. If you just have some questions about safes, call, email or text me.

Thanks for having a look,

Aaron Parker- owner


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